InterFace (2018)

An interactive installation which uses face-tracking via webcam to create a visual reinterpolation of the viewer's emotional state with lighting and animation. Made using the Affectiva SDK for Unity.

Code and Design by Do Park, Luke Garwood and Myself
Boris Rig by James Stone

Download (Windows)

AR Haunted House (2018)

Proof of concept for an Augmented Reality haunted house experience. Made with DepthKit and Vuforia for Unity.

Code and Design by Luke Garwood and Myself
Video Capture by Erica Park, Arsalan Rashdi and Sunny Ho


Stunted (2016)

A twist on the endless runner, where the player can choose not to run. Created for Tojam 11.

Art and Sound by Bernice Wong
Design and Code by Myself

Download via

Ping (2016)

A mashup of Pong and a chat interface created for a term project. Made with p5.js and networked for two players with PubNub.

Design and Code by Myself


Reinvent the Wheel (And Everything Else) (2015)

An puzzle platformer/adventure game created by a group of students for a first year game design class.

Art by Bernice Wong, Clay Burton, Carolina Gonzalez Brossard
Sound by Bernice Wong
Code by Luke Garwood, Clay Burton
Level/Puzzle Design by Myself

Download via


Characs (2016)

A simple HTML5 character creator.

VEND (2016)

A Twine game about junk food.

Snowsaver (2016)

An interactive HTML5 screensaver.

Pac-Manimation (2016)

A randomized HTML5 animation.

Trembling Dots (2014)

Game by Noyb. I contributed the skeleton sprite.

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